Work Scopes

Construction Partnering

Strong together. As your ally for the construction and finishing works of real estate projects, we place great emphasis on open communication and cooperative partnership. This is the only way in which complex projects can be implemented efficiently in terms of costs and time; with guaranteed high quality.

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Fit-Out & Construction

As a fit-out and construction partner, we accompany you from the initial idea to the conception, planning and execution. From customised individual services to complete solutions with experience and competence, full passion and commitment for dry construction, interior construction and unusual requirements. As a construction partner, we are responsible for the implementation planning, construction coordination and construction project management for offices and trades, retails, hotels, museums and specialist properties as well as international construction projects. Since its foundation, UNDKRAUSS has worked on more than 3000 projects. Currently, more than 100 employees are working on the implementation of successful projects.

Design & Build

The tasks and areas of responsibility within the scope of holistic real estate management are becoming increasingly complex. UNDKRAUSS is the German Design & Build specialist for fit-out, conversion and refurbishment. For you, this means: 20% average budget savings through the turnkey model, 30% average time savings compared to conventional "Design-Bid-Build" processes.

Details on the Design & Build Model

Research & Development

Development of a 3 mm extra-flat surface heating and cooling system with water flowing through it, including connecting elements. The project was funded by the Ministry of Economy.


Imagination is always the beginning of every construction project. It is the power to see something that does not yet exist, boundless – except those you set upon yourself, but also the experience, the well-trained eye and the market knowledge to discover opportunities in existing properties.

UNDKRAUSS combines both and develops projects holistically, sustainably, efficiently, and in a profit-oriented manner.