Courage, readiness to take risks and innovation - relativized by safety efforts.

Fairness and respect - relativized by success orientation.

Trust, reliability and willingness to assume responsibility - relativized by control and correction through leadership.

Joyfulness for life, contentment and strengths orientation - relativized by seriousness.

Solidarity with partners and partnership - relativized by delimitation.

Clarity and openness - relativized by confidentiality.






A boundless graph paper.

Imagination is always the beginning of every construction project. It is the power to see something that does not yet exist, boundless – except those you set upon yourself. At this stage, UNDKRAUSS assists you with a visionary force and the unbridled passion for property, but also with the experience from countless completed construction projects, the knowledge of materials and opportunities as well as the respect for graph paper, spirit level and slide rule.

The desire to perform.

We do what we love. We love what we do. Yes, we have fun at work and want to show and share it. Serenity, optimism and self-confidence ensure a good atmosphere - without forgetting our responsibility for your project. Our craft is consistent, competent and correct in the focus of everything we do. We are open, critical and constructive - and strive to defend our vocation.


We make your challenge and interest ours, think holistically and create the added value you rightly expect from us. To achieve this, we speak plainly, also communicate problems, look for the solution - but also have the courage to say NO. As part of this proactive partnership, we accompany you and your project from the vision, to the operation of your property. YOU UNDKRAUSS, a cooperation for the benefit of all involved. YOU UNDKRAUSS, a cooperation for the benefit of all involved.

Allies for construction.

There are suppliers and service providers; we are allies. Team spirit, internal and external, stands above everything. A handshake counts, a word carries weight, YOU UNDKRAUSS communicate at eye level, especially during tense situations. We value customers and business partners - but also people. Therefore, UNDKRAUSS also allied with the world in which we live: Social responsibility is just as important to us as sustainable building.

Definitely ready to take risks.

We also follow our own entrepreneurial visions with determination and consistency. We break new grounds, identify market needs, develop innovative products and processes and complete our real estate performance portfolio. We challenge and support the ideas and the active action of every single employee; however, we expect from him to recognize his limits. We are BOLD UNDKRAUSS - but certainly not crazy.