Our sustainability strategy is inspired from our value-oriented thinking, which has been established for 25 years.

It is of paramount importance to us, not least because our industry consumes about 40 % of global resources. We need solutions that enable us to operate with a high performance while still consuming fewer resources and producing lower emissions. Consisting of UNDKRAUSS Consult, UNDKRAUSS Bauaktiengesellschaft and KEK Engineering, we face our challenging tasks with high engineering and management competence.

This applies to both the economic core activities as well as to the social, societal and ecological objectives that WE UNDKRAUSS pursue.

Besides the economic success, we want to fulfil our responsibilities towards our employees, business partners, society as a whole and, of course, the environment. In this context, the 3-pillar model of sustainability represents the essential foundation of our daily activities.


Projects already executed with LEED or DGNB Certification

Sanofi, HumboldtHafenEins, Berlin

Trion Leipziger Platz

Allianz Campus, Berlin

HumboldtHafenEins, Alexanderufer 5-7, Berlin


We aim for sustainable growth and long-term economic success in the development and management of our services. We point out to the client as early as possible the existence of sensible sustainable solutions through value engineering and display the effects of their use in a transparent and comprehensible manner. Within the framework of a holistic, sustainable rethinking of corporate processes, we try to achieve synergy effects that combine economic efficiency and sustainability.

As an owner-managed company, we act as a fair, transparent and responsible partner and attach great importance to compliance-oriented acting.


We take responsibility in our thinking and acting with the intention of reducing as well as compensating for the negative impacts of our business activities on the environment.

While selecting our subcontractors and suppliers, we prioritize the existence of sustainability or environmental certifications. Wherever possible, we give preference to raw materials and products that are manufactured or extracted locally or using local sustainable produced resources.

Through our value engineering, we try to improve the efficiency of existing properties as much as possible and consider your project in a long and most flexible life cycle in order to save resources and increase the benefit of the property in the long term.

Social Affairs

Our goals are to strive for a social balance for employees and customers, as well as the preservation of natural resources for future generations. A responsible and respectful interaction with each other is our top priority. Therefore we are regularly organizing internal workshops in order to raise awareness and always keep our VALUES UNDKRAUSS always keep an eye on. We promote the personal development and health of our teams and also attach importance to maintaining social standards with our business partners.

For us, work life balance is a strong foundation for promoting equal opportunities and social sustainability. We are family-oriented and enable parents to achieve an ideal balance between work and family; so we have established a family office for this purpose.