UNDKRAUSS sucht Verbündete

Wir sind im Komplettbau auf bundes- und europaweiter Ebene tätig. Für uns steht die vollste Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden im Vordergrund, wir freuen uns über engagierte und motivierte Mitarbeiter/innen, die mit uns gemeinsam dieses Ziel verfolgen wollen. Sie sollten Verständnis für technische und kaufmännische Zusammenhänge aufweisen. Grundlegende persönliche Qualifikationen sollten sein: Teamgeist, Flexibilität, Genauigkeit im Denken und Handeln. Speziell benötigte Schlüsselqualifikationen können Sie in den einzelnen Stellenausschreibungen nachlesen.

Über Initiativbewerbungen brillanter Köpfe und geschickter Hände freuen wir uns natürlich immer.


You are training as an office management assistant. Why did you choose this apprenticeship?
Good office management is an important factor in ensuring the success of a company. Preparation, support and follow-up of a company's key tasks are essential for high quality. I consider getting to know and understand these tasks in depth as a basis for my professional future, which is why I chose this apprenticeship.

What did you expect from your training? And did your wishes come true?
I can only look back upon 8 months of training period, however, my expectations of being introduced to task fields and then being entrusted with responsible tasks have been entirely fulfilled.

Which departments have you got to know so far? And what did you particularly like?
My first training phase was the "team assistance". There I was able to gain initial insights into the company with its structures and get to know the employees. I was given a lot of trust when I was carrying out my first tasks in the field of office management, which I found very motivating. At the second stage, I was in the “work preparation”, in which a wide variety of task fields were brought to me, which contained a high responsibility through independent processing. Despite my expectation, contact with subcontractors on the phone has become one of my preferred activities. I am currently supporting the HR Manager Katrin Krauth when receiving job applications from potential new employees. This includes not only the initial verification, but also the further processing of these applications. I really like the high level of responsibility when contacting applicants to represent the company.

What makes UNDKRAUSS a good training company?
Not only the 100 percent takeover upon successful completion of vocational training is attractive at UNDKRAUSS, the diversity of departments that are completed during the training also makes the company a good and interesting training company. In addition, the responsible tasks also contribute to the development of the individual vocational trainees. UNDKRAUSS offers numerous internal as well as external workshops on various topics free of charge and for all employees.

What does a typical day look like for you?
My working day starts between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. After greeting the colleagues, I check e-mails, missed calls and my post office box, as well as the query of upcoming work orders. In the further course of the working day, I complete this and work on new tasks arriving by email or telephone. I freely choose the time of my lunch break, but I inform my head of department. The working day ends together after I have made sure that no other tasks can be done by me. I usually go at the end of the working day in a good mood and happy, since occasional jokes loosen up the mood.

What would you say to a new apprentice?
Mistakes happen once to everyone, instead of avoiding them by the omitting certain tasks, I prefer to make them and learn from them. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because UNDKRAUSS supports you in learning from them and tries to see every day as a new challenge and to perceive positively as an opportunity. At UNDKRAUSS I have had the experience that asking questions about uncertainties is received as an interest and that is welcome.

What motivates you to go to work every morning?
Every day, I look forward to new challenges. I am particularly interested in the business decisions and developments in which I have been involved through my work in the past. After my educational experience of low appreciation and little interest in individual personalities, I am happy to be part of a company in which respect and appreciation are lived.

(Johannes, apprentice)