Dual Course of Study


You are doing a dual course of study. Why did you apply at UNDKRAUSS? What fascinated you about it?
I wanted to combine my business administration studies with the construction industry. UNDKRAUSS offers the best opportunity to gather experiences. As a student I have the opportunity to get insights into each department and even into the construction site.

How did the application process work?
Firstly, I was invited to take a recruitment test. This was followed by the evaluation and an interview with our HR manager, Katrin Krauth. She previously explained to me a rough process and what UNDKRAUSS offers as bonuses, among other things, company events, fruits, massages.

What does a typical day look like for you?
It is a mix of office work and close contact with people, whether customers, employees or applicants. I am currently supporting Katrin Krauth in her work. I prepare workshops and trade fairs. Invite applicants to interviews and evaluate applications. Besides, I am involved in the company's health management. I also introduce our company to new applicants and explain the processes to them.

What is the best thing within your dual course of study?
Switching between university and work is the perfect way to appreciate both phases and to stay motivated. Because you can get to know a new department every semester and the practice phases always remain varied and interesting. Beyond that, I like the daily positive atmosphere and the cooperation in the individual departments.

Do you already have an idea how to proceed after your studies?
I plan to do my Master's degree and continue to work at UNDKRAUSS as a working student.

(Aylin, Business Administration Student)


A good working atmosphere, respectful interaction with each other, nice colleagues, a fair salary, opportunities for further development, flexible working hours and promotion opportunities.

We find that here at UNDKRAUSS!

(From left: "Max" Trainee as an Industrial Clerk, "Sandra" Civil Engineering Student, "Naomi" Business Administration Student and "Nils" Business Administration student)


Young people who are interested in the construction industry or interior construction and are not afraid to have contact with customers or subcontractors.

(From left: "Max" Trainee as an Industrial Clerk and "Susanne Hangschlitt" from Acquisition and Marketing)


Since I had just graduated from high school and had no further experience in the construction business, I did at the beginning a two-week internship on the construction site. During this time, I got to know individual employees of the company and learned a lot about the different materials on the construction site (which are required, for example, for the construction of dry walls), which helped me a lot in my further practice phases in the office.

("Sandra" Civil Engineering Student)


All those who are interested in the construction and real estate industry and those who want to put what they have learned into practice straight away and want to become familiar with a structured daily working life. In addition, a dual course of study takes a lot of time, which is why we would recommend it to people who have a lot of patience and are disciplined. Hang in there, because the result is worth it!

(From left: "Naomi" Business Administration Student and "Hazar" Business Administration Student)